Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday night catchup

I've gotten quite a lot of knitting done this weekend. I got the back of my Aran Pullover done down to the armholes and have picked up stitches and started the front now. I got about 14 rounds done on my DH's Seaweed for Sheryl vest for the SFCKAL. And tonight I treated myself by starting my Mara vest. I did try one thing on it that didn't work so well. Being a bit lazy by nature, instead of measuring a proper tail length for Long Tail Cast On, I just used a second ball of yarn for the tail. Wrong! The tail end gets untwisted when you do that and kinks up like crazy, making a real mess and causing headaches for the knitter.

The Mara KAL has over 50 members already! Wow! I hadn't realized there was that much interest in that pattern. Pent up over the years, I guess. Anyway, I think it's going to be a lot of fun from some of the early notes I've gotten when folks joined. So cool!

The only thing I didn't work on this weekend was my Oregon vest, to tidy up the shoulders before crocheting the steeks (I have both Meg's book and Ann's book to guide me on that, as well as AS' book). Maybe tomorrow night I'll have some clear time to do that.

Happy knitting!
Helen B

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is definitely a challenge at times. I'll try again to get my pics to upload, not sure if I'm just trying to send too many at once or if they are at too high a resolution for the system to handle. I'm on cable, so that's not an issue.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Practicing with my camera again

Hmm, I'm not sure the pics got uploaded. I'll try just one from my SFCKAL vest and see what happens. It's the Seaweed for Sheryl vest, but done in forest colors as my DH spent 33 years in logging and lumber. Hope this works! I'm still new at it.

I think my new camera is great!

I've been running around taking pics with my new camera and practicing editing them. I finally got the courage tonight to plug the cables into my computer and upload some of them, then sort them into albums. So I'm going to attach some of them here for your enjoyment.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday playtime

I'll try again to upload some pics, for some reason Java has been disabled on my system since I installed the software for my digicam and it's driving me nuts trying to fix it. Darned custom system hardware! These are pics my DH took with his webcam.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday fun time!

We got our tax refund yesterday and paid off some bills, then went to have some fun. First, I got a new digital camera, a Kodak Z740 with 5MB and assorted accessories. My DH got a DVD burner he's been wanting for a long time, and we had pizza for dinner! I know, sounds kind of blah, but we had the pizza at home so we could read the manuals and play with our new toys while we ate. So now I will be able to take good pics of my projects and my babies (dogs to other folks who don't understand) and places we go and post them for my friends. Later today I will start taking pics to practice, then post the good ones to my blog.

RIght now, we will be going to Portland as today is one year since my Dad passed away and I want to spend most of it with my family, especially my Mom. They were married 52 years and she really misses him a lot. Us kids know she probably won't be with us much longer as she is getting more and more frail in health.

Yesterday I cast on for my DH's Seaweed for Sheryl vest for the SFCKAL, which started Wednesday. I would have started then, but he was trying to take pics of the basket of yarns and not having good luck with his webcam. For some reason, it turned the greens to blues, even using natural sunlight coming in the window. Will have to see how the digicam does, much better I think.

I'm finished with the fronts on my FLAK sweater, waiting for the sleeves installment to be posted in a few days. The leader had a friend's funeral to go to this week so that slowed things down. I can sympathize - one of my coworkers lost his wife last Saturday and I went to the visitation last night to drop off the card we all signed and to let him know I was available if he needed to talk. I lost my first husband almost five years ago now in a boating accident while he was fishing.

I'm also making progress on the Aran Pullover from 'Two Sticks and a String' with about two inches done on the front. I'm seeing that what other knitters have been saying about the honeycomb stitch needing a cable needle to look right is correct. Now I'm debating dropping those stitches down and reknitting them or just going on and rearranging the stitches on the needle before I knit them. I'll probably drop down so the section looks consistent, otherwise I know it will bother the daylights out of me and I'll end up giving the sweater away instead of wearing it myself.

I finally cast on for a pair of socks Tuesday night. We went to Roadhouse for dinner and there was a long wait, even after 7 pm. I had brought my knitting kit and the yarn just in case, as my other projects are not the kind you can do standing in line. I got the first sock cast on and about an inch done on the leg ribbing while we waited. A woman next to me pointed it out to her husband and told me she wished she had brought one of her crochet projects to work on. I just smiled and was glad I had thought ahead. I really hate just standing around and not doing something, I get really fidgety and nasty tempered that way. So I managed to get a month and a half into the new year before starting a pair of socks, yea! Last year I made 30 pairs of socks and only two were for me so I am changing the focus this year.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm! I'm using my swatch cap and it's nice and warm to wear.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday catchup

I have some time this morning so I'm going to post my progress on various projects. I'm done with the right front on my FLAK sweater and have cast on and started knitting the left front. I am really looking forward to wearing this when it gets done, it's putting right along. Last Saturday night I started the Aran pullover from 'Two Sticks and a String' and now I'm picking up stitches for the front on the saddles. Amazing how fast knitting on size 8's goes when you're used to socks on size 1's!

Yesterday my friend Terri and I sorted out our J & S yarns and decided which ones we're each going to use for the Mara KAL that starts the end of the month. Steve still has time commitments but feels he will be ready then to lead the KAL. I've discovered there are at least three sets of colorways out there for Mara. One is in 'The Scottish Collection', which I think are Jamieson colors. One is in the Workbasket magazine, which I think are early J & S colors, and one is what J & S sent Terri the other day. There are minor differences, such as Workbasket listing Claret and J & S listing Maroon. I got my J & S colorcard out to compare what we received. We placed the colors together as they will be worked and decided which we personally like better. I go for the Claret and Terri likes the Maroon and there are one or two others we differed on, but this will make each sweater unique to the person who made it, so cool to me.

Today I will (hopefully!) get the shoulders on my Oregon vest kitchenered together so I can have that size 3 for the KAL. I have dpns to use for the armhole ribbings and will do the front bands after I knit the ribbings for the SFCKAL which starts this Wednesday officially, although some folks are almost done with their initial garment choices. And I thought I was bad about being too eager to make something!

Off to finish picking up the stitches for the front on my Aran Pullover, have a good day everyone!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I'm learning to create a blog so my first pics are of the Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong I'm doing with the Aranknit list hosted by Janet Szabo, a truly amazing knitting designer who lives in Montana. These three pics are of my swatch cap, a la EZ, as I hate wasting perfectly good yarn and have more than enough pot holders to last my DH and I the rest of our lives. I discovered during the cold spell here in early December I had no warm hats, having either given them to cold friends or lost them in moves over the years.

The yarn I used is Cascade 220 in Purple, a 100% Peruvian wool yarn that is so nice to knit with and blooms after washing. I'm using Silver Spruce for my actual FLAK, and Como Blue for the Aran Pullover from 'Two Sticks and a String' at the same time. I'm one of those folks who can't have just one project on the needles at a time, which is very alarming to my DH at times. At the moment I have the green FLAK, the Como Blue Aran, a hand dyed blues and greens Inishmore, a red and white Sirdal, an Oregon vest, and a pair of kilt hose on the needles. This gives me different gauges and colors to move around to so my hands don't get sore working only on one size of needle and one gauge.

The Oregon vest is at the point where I'm ready to join the shoulder and crochet the steeks, yippee! I started it last New Year's Day, only to put it aside for several months while I waited to order more Deep Aqua, thinking I would order yarn for my DH's Henry VIII at the same time. Didn't happen, so I just ordered two skeins of Deep Aqua in November and went to it, among various Christmas knitting projects which were all done in time for gifting.

I'm going to be in the 'Sweaters From Camp' KAL starting on the 15th and am helping to set up a KAL for Mara by AS which will start the end of the month. I love multiple projects! Makes me feel rich and pampered. My DH told me last night after he finished our taxes that there will be enough money for me to go on a modest shopping spree for yarn, hmm, now what do I want to work on this summer? I'm burned out on socks after making 30 pair last year, only two of which were for me. DH got 5 or 6 pair alone.

Today is the Superbowl Sunday Knit In at the Borders here in Salem so I better get this done and get my stuff put together that I'm taking. I dropped into a lys yesterday to look for a circular needle for the SFCKAL and there was a new knitter class going so the clerk told them about the Knit In today and several of them lit up at the prospect of free knitting time with experienced knitters to help them so I think there will be a few of them at the Borders.

Happy Knitting!

Swatch cap showing horseshoe cables

Swatch cap in Cascade 220 Purple

Swatch cap with brim turned up as I will wear it