Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunday afternoon I spent some time learning a new skill - crochet chain the front steek in my Oregon vest. I'm using 'Sweaters From Camp' by Meg Swansen to learn how to do it. The first time, I blithely just started single crocheting up the line. After about 4 inches I stopped and compared what I had with the photo in the book. Not a match. So I reread the instructions and saw the little word "chain" and ripped out what I had done. I started over, using the hint about starting the chain a few stitches from the actual steek to anchor it better, and now it looks just fine. I'm going to do the armholes next and cut them open and do the ribbing on them before I cut the front open. Meg says it's much easier to do it that way so the fronts aren't flapping around in the way. So here are a couple of pics to show you what I did.

By the way, Kate, Mara is in several places. I won the Feb/March 1992 issue of Workbasket magazine on Ebay that I am using for my garment. It also appears in 'The Scottish Collection' by AS in both a vest and cardigan version. I saw a pic on a blog of a cardigan and immediately changed my mind to make a cardigan instead of the vest. I have to make some changes to it, as my arms are about 2 inches longer than the "standard" woman's arm, but that's no problem. The charts for Mara are also in 'Fair Isle Knitting' by AS. On the cover she is working on it and in the Techniques section there is a graphic showing the chart morphing from an idea to a finished garment.

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sillyewe said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I just love the Mara colors on the ribbing. The crochet steek looks interesting. I haven't tried that yet. I will keep watching to see what you think when you pick up. :0)