Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taking a breather - whew!

This week has been a trial, the first part I was sick with some weird bug so I missed two days of work trying to get my energy back, then the rest of the week was heavy at work, and we were shorthanded. Now I get to recover with my knitting on the weekend!

I'm almost done with the ribbing on my Mara cardigan, hope to finish the last 3 rows today, do the increase round, then take pics of the increases and post them so the Mara_class can check them out. My DH has decided he wants a Mara also, I told him I would make him a vest in late summer, after I got the other garments done I've already started.

I'm about 3 inches into my SFCKAL Seaweed for Sheryl vest, being made for my DH in woodsy colors to give the feel of a forest instead of the ocean. He's spent 33 years in logging and lumber jobs. I didn't plan the color rotation on it, I was taping pieces of the different colors he picked to a piece of paper. When he saw the way they looked together he said he liked that color arrangement and to go with it. So that's what I'm doing. I still need to order more skeins of the main color as I know I won't have enough, but I'm using that same color in my Oregon vest so will have some left over there and it's also in Mara, but I'm not waiting for those leftovers. I'm debating about ordering the yarns for his Henry VIII at the same time, to save on postage. Hmm, decisions, decisions, decisions, such wonderful things to ponder when my customers start to bug me, lol.

And I'm down to the armholes on the back of my Aran Pullover, about halfway there on the front. I need to get another 16 inch size 5 needle for the sleeves for my FLAK sweater, the one I have is tied up on another sweater.

Didn't feel up to working on Oregon this week, too much stress tends to make me a little careless and after all that work I don't want to make mistakes at this stage. Cutting steeks wrong is not easy to fix! I might set it up on the dining table with my Ott light tonight and get some progress made on it.

The Mara group is now over 60 members and still growing, how wonderful! Several folks are new to FI knitting and getting their feet wet with Mara. I love the feeling of adventure they bring to the list. Veronique, the French knitter whose site changed my plans from a vest to a cardigan for Mara, has joined the group to share her experience and ideas. She made it for her father for Christmas and made the deadline by two days, lol.

My friend Terri just called and she's heading to her doctor as she's gotten a sinus infection and it's getting worse. So we'll try to get together tomorrow after church to compare our progress and see how our color choices are working out.

Happy knitting!

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junieann said...

Helen, Helen, where are your Seaweed pictures? I have decided to do that vest and in my own color scheme too. After I finish the NWV that is. I am up to the arm holes and all those decreases finally. Lots of frogging going on too.

This is fun.