Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday evening escaping the heat

Since the temps hit the mid-90's today and I don't do hot weather, I've been staying indoors except for a brief trip to the PO to see if my package from England was here (it wasn't, poot!). But I did finish my Aran Pullover from 'Two Sticks and a String' and my DH got the buttons sewed on his FLAK. So they got washed and are now outside in the shade drying. I took pics so we'll see if I can get them to load this time.

On top is my DH's FLAK, with the buttons he picked out finally sewn on it. I used Cascade 220 in Cordovan for it, on size 5 needles.

On the bottom is my Aran Pullover, in Como Blue Cascade 220 yarn, a really nice yarn to knit with. The only problem was that the color bled on my hands, my bamboo needles, my plastic ring markers and now my bathtub (but that rinsed out). The stitches really pop with this yarn, even on size 8 needles, which is what the pattern called for.

Hope everyone is doing all right in this heat, I'm fortunate to have central air at home and at work. I borrowed my DH's car Friday when it hit 104 as I need to recharge the Freon in my truck's system but has to wait until I have about $125.00 stashed away.

So, now I'm going back to Mara, as I need to get it done before the middle of September when the Marina KAL starts. I also need to get back to my FLAK so it will be ready to wear this winter. It will be so neat to have some nice new sweaters to wear on my time off. Take care everyone!