Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vacation's almost over, poot!

I'm in blue kind of mind as I only have a few more days to go, poot! But it's been a good vacation, I've gotten lots of small projects done that have been hanging fire for a while and knitted and visited with friends I don't get to see very often.

This is the third time I've tried to write this post so I'm going to skip all the other stuff I've written about and lost and just post the pics I took this morning of my current projects.This is St. Brigid, by Alice Starmore, from her 'Aran Knitting' book. I'm making it in the round using Cascade 220 in Turquoise on size 5 needles as I don't want it as loose as it shows in the book. This is a really fun knit and it's going quickly, in between my other projects. I'm just starting the 4th repeat of the chart.
This is my DH's vest, the Seaweed for Sheryl vest from 'Sweaters from Camp.' I've just started the second column of color patterning, which is set up in a matrix as the designer did hers. I just have more colors than she used so my matrix is larger. I've found that after going through the 10 round chart one time, I need to take a break as the rows begin to look the same (they are, just offset a few rounds) and I lose my place too easily and get frustrated.
This is my Mara and I've started on the first sleeve. I'm doing mine the same way Veronique from France made her Dad's for last Christmas, except that I made my body a bit longer. I hate sitting down and having my lower back get cold! I might even get this done to wear at Christmas!
And last but not least is DH's Marina, now residing in her basket on the antique pie table in the dining room. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to knit on her. The man in Scotland whom I got her from has such even knitting I'm intimidated! I know, I know, washing and dressing will even out any tension problems but I'm still intimidated.

I haven't worked on Elizabeth of York for a while so there aren't any new pics of her. DH's garter vest is approaching the armholes and will probably get done in a few more weeks of playing canasta online in the evenings. I'm going to hold off on starting my vest from the leftovers from his FLAK until I get something else done. I really need to work on finishing two projects before I start something new, at least as long as it's not a last minute gift I need, lol.

Let's see, a roll call of projects in progress - Mara, Marina, Sirdal, Inishmore, Elizabeth of York, garter vest, socks for DH's Mom for Christmas, cotton sweater I volunteered to finish for DH's sister, Pacific Northwest shawl (needs edging finished), Seaweed for Sheryl vest, two quilts, 4 or 5 cross stitch projects, a needlepoint picture I need to get framed and then it's done, and I'm sure there are others lurking in the dark corners of my den closet and spare bedroom dresser. Oh, yes, I still haven't finished our wedding clothes, even though we've been married two years now. Never work overtime on graveyard the week of your wedding - you will not be able to get simple projects done and the guilt will keep you from promptly finishing them when you get back from the honeymoon! His shirt is about half done, I haven't done any sewing on my dress, although it is cut out. It's a beautiful blue silk brocade and it would be nice to get them done to wear to dinner this holiday season.

Then there are the projects I have the supplies for but haven't started yet - purple shawl or stole in Rowan 4-ply I won on eBay, kilt hose for DH, Lovely Leftovers vest I will be designing for my Mara group to start after the first of the year, sweater for my mini-Dachsy, socks for DH and I, three fleeces of mine to spin, one fleece for DH to comb so I can spin it, cover sweater from 'Dazzling Knits' which I am spinning the yarn for and have two skeins ready and finished the third hank yesterday but need to Navaho-ply it, wash and put it away. Among other projects lurking around here.

I think I'll make a list of projects and hang it on the wall where I can see it to remind me to finish up most of these this winter before starting new ones. I have so many knitting books that have beautiful projects in them that I want to make that it is so hard to resist. But I must, I must!


Rebecca said...

My goodness! I can't believe how many Alice Starmore's you have in the works! They are all stunning, too. I'm working on St. Brigid right now and am partly through the fourth repeat. I think you have inspired me to pull it out of its basket...LOL Wanna race?

heidi said...

I really agree with Rebecca. And not are you knitting many Starmore projects, you are actually making progress on them too.