Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunshiny Sunday

I want to make my DH another cardigan and thought it would be fun to do it FLAK style, so I got out some of my books and showed him Wendy's site, trying to get some idea of the stitch patterns and ribbing choices he liked. Well, I made a rueful discovery - he doesn't know how to change things around in his head to create his own garment. I had gotten some Christmas Red Cascade 220 to use and as soon as he saw St. Enda in 'Aran Knitting' he had to have it. BUT, he wants a v-neck cardigan instead, WITHOUT losing the center cable panel. For those who haven't seen it, it's shown in a bright red yarn. I tried to explain that we could change the patterns if he liked others better but that's what he wants. Luckily it's for his birthday next April (I'm not putting myself in a time bind like I did this year with his FLAK, he gets to watch the whole process from now on). So I'm asking if anyone has converted St. Enda to a cardigan style yet. And a v-neck one at that.

I'm thinking that I can keep the center cable panel on the left front and put buttonholes in the center of the infinity cable as well as between them and do a three-stitch I-cord to edge the left front and hold the cable steady. I'm thinking for the right front I can do a wide ribbed edge using the cabled rib to go under the cable panel but still look good when he wears it open. The bugaboo will be morphing the fancy cable around the neck into the cable panel on the left front in the v-neck area. And of course I'm going to change it to top down, it already has shoulder straps so that part I don't have to change. From eyeballing the photo, I'm thinking to start the center cable with the first whole infinity section, having dropped the top half in making the v-neck. That should give him a decent v-line without messing too much with the cable design.

I made the Aran Pullover from 'Two Sticks and a String' with Cascade 220 on size 7's and 8's and it turned out great. I pointed out to my DH that St. Enda would be about the same tension and he's fine with that. Bainin had 150 yards per 100g hanks and Cascade 220 has 220 yards per skein and I have 12 so I'm not worried about running out of yarn in making him the medium size as he doesn't like his sweaters really baggy. So if anyone has done this before or has some suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

In other projects, I'm working hard to get my FLAK done so I can wash it and put it in the cedar chest to wait for colder weather. I need to order some more color #366 from J & S for my Mara, I just have a little left and haven't started on the sleeves yet. Terri and I had lunch together yesterday and she brought me what she had left from hers - about 2 feet!

But I've been working on Mara a lot this past week and am about halfway or a little better up the armholes now. The Marina KAL starts September 20th and I've promised myself I'm not going to buy another size 3 circular to knit it on so I have to empty one of the ones I have a project on now. DH's Seaweed for Sheryl vest has been languishing on the coffeetable all summer with only about 6 inches done so that's not a candidate to be done sanely by 9-20-06. That's my project for the SFCKAL and I'm definitely way behind the group on mine. But since it's too hot to wear it anyway, I'm not fretting about it.

I was sitting at my computer last night playing canasta online with my DH and kept getting hotter and hotter knitting on my FLAK. Finally I put it aside and took up his FIL's Christmas socks and I got cool again immediately - that's going to be one warm sweater this winter! I'm almost done with the heel gusset decreases on the second sock so might get them finished this week if I take them to work and work on them at breaks. It's getting time to start working on Christmas presents now.

I finally decided last Christmas that I wasn't going to stress about gifts for my family any more and ended up giving gift certificates to most of them. My brother and his youngest daughter are the ones who really appreciate hand made items (well, my Mom still does but she's in assisted living now and the staff does her laundry, I take her out for meals when I visit her each week in Portland instead of making things for her now) so they are the ones who get them. Of course my DH also appreciates hand made items so he gets them, too. In fact, a while back I scored two skeins of Blauband sock yarn in Forest Green for a pair of socks for him. I have a pair I made for myself several years ago before the company went out of business and he's made a couple of comments about liking the color "a lot" so he'll get his own pair this fall.

Then when my friend Terri and I were having lunch together yesterday we talked about a fun new project. I'm the listmom for the Mara KAL on Yahoo and starting September 20th we're going to be making Marina (I still have to order my yarns for that one). With two FI garments finished, there will be leftover yarns and I hate to have unused yarns just lying around with no purpose (Puritanical?) so I came up with the idea of a garment made from the leftovers! Each person will pick a color they like to be the main color and tie the other colors together. Then we'll post some charts of small patterns to the website so folks can download and print them out to use in their garments. Most folks will have to order skeins of the main color but they will be able to use up the odds and ends they have by knitting the small patterns in different colors. As they run out of one, they can use another. Smaller amounts can be used for coordinating tams after the main garment is done. And we'll start the project on New Year's Day - a perfect way to usher in the New Year I think!

Happy knitting!
Helen B

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show and tell

Now to post some pics that have been sitting idle for a while.This is the back of Terri's Mara, showing the small buttons she used to back the blue buttons and the backing fabric to help reinforce the button application.

This is Terri modeling h
er finished Mara - doesn't it look wonderful on her! And just look at her beam with the good job she did on it! I'm jealous, mine is still on the needles.

This is Terri modeling a Lucy Neatby vest she made. It was the strangest way to make it, she knit it, then cut the slits open and crocheted around them.

It's here! My package from Scotland is here!

My package from Scotland with the partially knit Marina sweater in the original AS Scottish Campion yarns has finally arrived! I took some pics of it this morning to share with you as I'm so excited about it. I will be leading a group knitting this starting September 20th and still need to get the J & S yarns to make my own. This one will be my DH's as he's skinnier than I am (well, he used to be, being a homemaker is agreeing with him a bit too much and he's putting weight on around the middle so it may not fit him when it's done).

This is the box on the left, open as I got it, very well packaged inside. Then the open bag with the wound skeins of yarn with their labels. And finally the partially knit sweater in all it's glory! The seller put the skeins he was using in the box and ran the strands through holes in the top so the balls wouldn't bounce around as he knit, very ingenious!
And I think I've learned something about blogger - I tried dragging these photos around when they uploaded in the wrong position and it worked! So now I know a bit more about this software, always a good thing!

Happy knitting!