Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finally, a new post

I'm finally on the mend, after being off work this last week for pneumonia and a kidney infection, spending 6 hours a week ago in the ER getting rehydrated and stabilized. We don't know how long I've had the bug, could be since March when I had the relapse of bronchitis. The docs tell me it will take 4 weeks to get my full strength back, and I believe them!

Friday I finished knitting the first kilt hose for my friend, just need to duplicate stitch the USMC down the sides, but that will wait until the second hose is also knit. Yesterday I finished the first sleeve for my FIL's FLAK. Today I picked up and started knitting the second sleeve and have about 10 rows done so far. So I think I've definitely turned the corner on getting better, I had no urge to knit until Friday at all.

One important thing to share with you - if you are over 50 and get a temperature of 103 or higher, get to the ER instantly. I didn't realize that a temp that high can cause seizures, stroke, or even heart attack, even without any other medical history. And for God's sake, don't drive yourself! Have a family member, friend, neighbor, or even a cab or ambulance take you. There is too high a risk of something going wrong if you try to drive yourself. This can save your life and the lives of others on the road to the ER.

One other thing I got done Friday, while working on building up my strength, was plying the Merino fleece I've been spinning for my DH. I sat at my wheel and plied as much as I could get onto the bobbin, working to keep a steady pace going and get a little cardio workout while sitting down and drinking water. Now he gets to wind the skein off onto my niddy noddy, wash the skein, and I'll finish up the little bit that is still left on the bobbins. The ends won't come out even but I'm not worried about it. DH will have three very large skeins for me to knit up into a sweater some time this winter, after I know how many yards we end up with.

I still haven't decided which of the Corriedale fleeces I bought at Black Sheep Gathering I want to spin next, either the black or the white one. I don't have to decide until DH gets the last skein wound off and I empty the bobbins. I also have three other fleeces waiting to spin, one of which I'm thinking of letting DH work on when I buy him his own bobbins. He's decided that if I buy him his own bobbins, he will learn to spin his own yarn - it's only taken me 4 years to get him to this point!

I do think I'm kind of leaning towards the black fleece, as I only have the one. I have a moorit Corriedale in the bedroom and one in the garage, I have the black/grey Shetland I bought in March in Buell at the open barn, a white Corriedale in the garage, and the white Corriedale I got in June at BSG. Ah, bliss to be rich in fleeces!

My new spinners are all doing well, Laura, Israel's mom, has started learning to spin with her son and I think that is so cool. Theresa is ready to move on to a faster spinning device so my DH got my Mother Marian's Marvelous Spinning Machine out of the shop so I can show it to her. He has agreed to help her build her own if she wants one and gets the materials. I'm hoping to find a way to get several of my new spinners to demo at the State Fair but it depends on how many free tickets the Fair management will allow the guild. I think it would be cool to have several of us strolling through the animal barns with drop spindles in motion, demoing and answering questions as we walk.

I did finish my September Sunset tam, need to get a finished pic taken so I can post it here. I'm using the notebook computer as the desktop died just as I got so sick and I haven't been able to focus well enough to see if I can put a Bandaid on it. I think it's a failure on the motherboard, which doesn't surprise me as the system is Y2K vintage. DH thought of getting the digital camera to take a pic of the error message as it flashed by during bootup. "Serial Process Detection: data inconclusive or missing" which tells me a chip is failing on the motherboard. Now I need to find a way to put the new large hard drive in an external case and plug it into the notebook so I have access to the info on it. I'll need to get hold of the Geek Squad at Best Buy, I think, or the tech support at Fry's where we bought the new computers. I've already got a USB hub on my desk, so I should be able to plug the hard drive in, probably with an external power source as I don't think the hub would be able to supply what the drive needs. There is a docking station available for the HP notebook so that might be a possibility to look into. Ah, well, good thing I have a basic background in computers and hardware so I can (hopefully!) figure out what to do to salvage the drive with all my files.

Happy knitting!