Monday, December 17, 2007

Look out!

Today is the heaviest mailing day of the year so I anticipate lots of frenzied customers getting sticker shock because they have forgotten that not only the price of stamps went up on May 14th of this year, the price of all shipping on USPS went up. Oh, well, hope the bag of candy I bought this weekend holds out through the day!

I've gotten some knitting done in the last few weeks, haven't had time to post about it as I've been pretty busy but I'm hoping to get some pics taken tonight and posted. I finished the left sleeve of my St. Brigid Saturday night, which is major progress at this point, with the poor sweater having been started over a year ago. At least she's been patient while I rotate among my other projects, but she really would like to get finished so I can wear her while the weather is still cold.

I've been making little stocking ornaments using the Holiday Stamps charts created by Joey on If you'd like a set, email or leave a comment and I'll send them to you. He just asks that his name stay connected to the charts, which is reasonable considering the work he went to. The artist who designed the stamps made them on a punchcard knitting machine and then Photoshopped the images, so you can't just knit from the blowups of the stamps. Believe me, I tried and about drove myself crazy when I kept getting different counts depending on where I counted across the stamps.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season - remember to keep in mind the reason for the season and don't focus just on the gifts and decorations and parties. Spend some quiet time thinking about our Creator and the incredible Gift he sent us on this most magical of nights. Pass your peace on to your friends and neighbors who need it. I am sending a large box of knitting, cross stitch and quilting supplies to the folks in Vernonia, OR, whose town was almost destroyed by a huge flood two weeks ago. I'm addressing it to Dr. Phyllis Gilmore, the town's only doctor, in care of the Community Center, Vernonia, OR, 97064. She will give them to folks who can use them to help them recover from the trauma. I included several small cross stitch ornament kits I had bought several years ago, since fabric items are destroyed by the mud during a flood.

God bless and keep you all!