Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Done (almost)!!!!!

Elizabeth of York is all knitted, yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a great pattern but what's taken the pleasure out of making it is the time frame my DH set for it and the comments he made when I worked on another project instead of E York.

This is taken from the bottom of the back side of E York, showing the back and the vent.

This is taken from the bottom of the front end, showing the full fronts and the shoulders. I can't get the neckline to lie flat because the shoulders are slanted normally.

This is taken from the side of my dining room table, so you get an idea of just how long this vest actually is. This is a Duncan Phyfe table, with the chairs in the proper place, so it's not a modern minimal table. I am sooooo glad the knitting is done!

Now I'm working on my Fulmar and DH's Oregon Autumn vest, going back and forth between them. I joined the first sleeve into a circle yesterday and had to use two circular needles. One 24 inch circular is too short and there are too many stitches for dpns. I'm going to have to get a 16 inch size 2 circular needle as I just can't stand having the needle ends flopping around while I work and getting in my way.

This is DH's Oregon Autumn vest, I'm actually a few more rounds further on but need to take another picture later. It's a smooth knit and I'm looking forward to knitting on it some more in a little while. He loves the colors and how they are working together.

Happy knitting!