Thursday, January 24, 2008

I wasn't lost!

Bet you thought I had fallen off the edge of the world, right? Nope, just working hard to finish DH's daughter's E York vest. I've got the body parts knitted, now working on the edgings, got the right back edging done, need to do the left back edging and so on. I will be so thankful to get this thing done, it's gotten to be drudgery at this point, just slogging along with the last steps.

I'm almost done with the first OXO pattern on the Twelve Months of Christmas vest, need to knit about 3 more rounds and the vest can rest until next month. DH keeps giving it the evil eye as I'm working on it and not E York, but I have other commitments to honor besides his vest. I do need to get the knitting done on E York, since I'm going to be using that needle for the Oregon Autumn KAL that starts next Friday. The yarns are all wound into center pull balls and put into a basket with the pattern card, need to add some paper for notes, a photocopy of the pattern to make notes on, a pen, a box of plastic coil markers, and a small tube of hand cream.

My other knitting is taking a back seat at this point, I haven't rotated among them since before Christmas but will be getting back to them as soon as E York is done. I still hope to get St. Brigid done in time to wear during this winter. I'm on the second sleeve, then need to knit the torq and sew it on, pick up and knit the ribbed neck, run ends in, wash and block. I've finished the second repeat of the main chart on Amphora, am looking forward to getting back to work on it as it's a very pleasant design to knit with good flow. I've got a pair of oddball socks on the needles, have the heel turned and working on the decreases for the heel gusset but I only work on them when I go walking at the mall and I haven't been there for a week now.

The weather here now is bitter cold, 20 degrees at 7:20 am, which may not be cold in other parts of the country but here in the Willamette Valley it's bitter cold. At least the air is dry until this weekend, when the temps will starting coming back up to the 40's. We may get some snow on Friday or Saturday, it's still up in the air in more ways than one at this point. The gas furnace is running a lot, I'm very thankful we can afford to have the heat in the house. My sister, who survives on child support and Social Security, can't afford heating oil and is using small space heaters in her living room and bedroom. With her sons' medical issues, she can't hold even a part time job at this point so is stuck with what she gets, sure wish the government wouldn't count child support and SSI fully for calculating income for the state health plan. She hasn't been to a doctor for a checkup now for about 5 years as she can't afford any form of self insurance and is $52.00 a month over the income limits for the state plan. Prayers for her and her boys are greatly appreciated.

My friend Scott lost his wife two weeks ago tonight and he was going to have us watch his little dog today while he's at work so the realtor could show his house, but he woke up with a major migraine so is home all day. He came home two weeks ago to find his wife dead on their bedroom floor from a major heart attack, just after he had made plans for a big weekend in Portland with dinner at a plush restaurant, a night at a hotel, and a show. They had been estranged and had just gotten to working on their marriage - so sad. He can't stand being in the house any more, since it was his wife's choice and they had plans to renovate it, so he's going to sell it and move into an apartment west of Portland to be near his sister, who has medical issues. Again, prayers would be greatly appreciated for him.

Anyway, it's just about time for breakfast so I need to close here. Oh, and don't forget - if you're in the Salem area next weekend, we're having the Super Bowl Sunday Knit In at Have You Any Wool starting at 1 pm to 4 pm, so come on over and sit and knit a spell!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year in 2008! I have some update photos to share with everyone, hope you enjoy them!

This is Fulmar, with the left front almost done, just need about 20 more rows before putting the stitches on a piece of yarn and starting the sleeves. I love working on this, it's seductive.

This is St. Brigid, I've finished the left sleeve, picked up and knitted down the right shoulder saddle and picked up and started the right sleeve. Would like to get this done by the end of January so I can wear it while it's still cold enough outside, lol.

This is the left front of E York, I'm on the v-neck decreases and am about 4 inches or so away from the shoulder shaping. I was hoping to get more done while on vacation but I still have 6 days to go before I have to go back to work.

I've finished the second repeat on Amphora, so she can rest for a while as I work on other projects, but she won't be resting for too long.

This is my DH's Oregon Autumn vest kit, with part of the skeins wound into center pull balls using the horizontal swift DH made for me for Christmas. The KAL on Mara-class on yahoo starts February 1st, so still time for folks to get their yarns, pattern, and get ready for it.

This is the Oregon Autumn kit, as it arrived from Virtual Yarns in Scotland, beautiful, isn't it?

This is the back of E York, now waiting for me to get the fronts knit so I can join the shoulders and do the edging.

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year in 2008!