Sunday, March 08, 2009

I think I'm back?

I think it's been almost a year since I posted here. The main reason I neglected my blog is - I got really caught up in all the info and pics and new friends I found there and let this slide. I've been giving it some thought and last week I got a new comment on my last post, which nudged me into logging in here today to post an update.

At the moment I have multiple projects on the needles - Rosemarkie by AS which I'm knitting along with my students in a class I'm teaching at Rose and Ram Yarn Studio in Independence, OR, Norway also by AS which I'm knitting for the KAl on Mara_class on using yarns that my DH spun. The white is a Corriedale fleece and the black is a CorriedaleXTarghee fleece, both of which we bought at Black Sheep Gathering in June of 2007. Then there is Amphora by AS, Fulmar by AS, and Erin by AS. Oh, and a pair of Viking socks.

Last week I finished a pair of socks for my DH's stepdad's birthday using Cascade Heritage superwash sock yarn in the solid forest green color, which crocked on my hands when I knit it. I don't know if I got a bad skein or what, as I hadn't used that yarn before. I washed it in hot water with white vinegar and rinsed it multiple times until the colors stopped coming out in the water. I think the problem was just that the yarn hadn't been rinsed properly at the mill, I don't think it's a generalized problem with the yarn as I've read of other folks using the yarn and enjoying the finished socks with no mention of issues.

DH has been pushing me to get his Norway done so he can wear it while it's still cold out. At this point I have the body done, the first sleeve done, and am about halfway down the second sleeve, so I'm getting there. But the end of January I took time out to knit a pair of socks for DH's Mom, I'm knitting Rosemarkie vest along with my students and have to keep ahead of them so I can teach them, and I need to rotate projects to take care of my hands. The main issue with Norway is that DH didn't spin the yarns to be used together, so the white is close to worsted weight and the black is closer to sport weight. Fortunately, the white is the design color and the black is the background, so I'm able to make it work out well. When I get back from teaching my class this afternoon, I'll get Norway out and work on it some more.

The latest highlight in my life was the Oregon 150th birthday party at the Capitol in Salem. I arranged the USPS participation in the event after learning that Portland, the District Headquarters for Oregon and southwest Washington, was only focusing on the first day of issue January 14th and not doing anything for the actual date. So I had six weeks to plan something I had never done before, on a large scale, while still doing all my regular work with fewer clerks as a couple of positions have been reverted. The state planned for 3200 visitors that day - they got 10,000!!!

I arranged for a special pictorial cancellation, worked really hard to get permission to use green ink for it (extremely rare in the USPS!) and got it all set up in time. The event was scheduled for 11 am to 4 pm. When Debbie and I arrived at 9 to set up, there were already people lined up waiting to get the cancellation! We worked nonstop all day without any breaks and did the final cancellations at 4:40 pm. A coworker from Portland brought us hot dogs and it took us three hours to eat them. Then I went back to the office and cancelled about a hundred 50th wedding anniversary invitations and about a hundred family reunion flyers for customers. I had arranged for my Postmaster to present a set of the Oregon stamp merchandise to the Governor but that morning his office had to relocate the presentation due to congestion at the original location and I couldn't find my Postmaster in the crowd to let him know. So I went ahead and did the presentation - so cool! If anyone wants the special 150th Birthday Station cancellation, please email me privately ASAP as next Friday is the last day to get it.

I've got pictures I'll post later, as right now I want to get back to knitting on Rosemarkie before breakfast. But here's a new post for those who were wondering if I had fallen off the edge of the world, lol.

Blessed Sunday!