Monday, June 01, 2009

Meandering Monday

Ah, the slow easy pace of a vacation Monday when you don't have anything scheduled! While the fur kids did get me up at 6 so they could go out, I've been puttering around on my computer while watching the Today show. I took a pic of my new chatelaine and loaded it on the computer so I can post it on my Ravelry projects page.

I'm on the front bands on my Rosemarkie vest, just need to knit two more rounds and then cast off. Next up will be the armhole ribbing. I'm planning to take Rosemarkie with me to the Northwest Regional Spinners Association annual Conference on Thursday and need to wash and block it before I leave. The colors I picked for it go well with blue jeans, which is what I mostly wear on my off duty time.

My Mara_class group is waiting for the reprint of Alice Starmore's 'Book of Fair Isle Knitting' coming out by Dover on August 20th. I posted yesterday about some links for pictures of garments in the book so group members can start looking at them and decide what project they want to make for our Fall/Winter KAL. We're beginning to lose members who are getting bored waiting so I wanted to get some more interest perked up. Personally, I'm hoping we pick the Allover sweater, which I'll turn into a cardigan, because it has some lovely colors in it and it has a collar and turn back cuffs which I haven't done in FI before so I'll have the chance to learn something new.

Over the weekend I had an idea of a KAL for the Rose and Ram Yarn Studio in Independence, OR - pick a pattern from the book, buy the Jamiesons yarn (what Jan carries in her shop), book, and any needed tools, and finish the garment in time for the 2010 New Year's Day Knit In at the shop. I'm thinking of an August 15th start date, even though the book won't be released until the 20th, because lots of folks already have the book and some folks will want or need to start earlier to be able to finish with the group. I texted a woman who works at the shop and she mentioned it to Jan, the owner, who loves the idea. I would commit to being at the shop about every other Sunday to help folks who either haven't done a FI before or need help with specific sections of the garment. For folks who sign up formally for the KAL, I would give Jan a tam pattern for them to use up some of the leftover yarns when they buy their yarns from her. I'll talk with Jan in person on Wednesday when I go out to pick up my clock from the repair shop next door.

DH is planning to go fishing today so I need to close this and go eat breakfast. Hope everyone has a great day!