Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Musings

I'm watching the news on TV while puttering around on the computer and doing those small tasks we all seem to put off until the weekend. Things like syncing and backing up my iPhone, cleaning all the old top out of my spinning basket and off my spindles so I can give it away at knitting this Wednesday night to clear the way to start the half pound of turquoise top I bought at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival yesterday, putting away the goodies I got yesterday along with the top like the Orion sock pattern and a skein of Socks That Rock in the ST-1 colorway (made famous by SS09) and the teas I got from Tea Time Garden - Chocolate Raspberry, Black tea Orange Spice and Chai, dry the clothes I left in the washer last night, and wash the handwash socks on gentle cycle to get them off my bedroom desk. I'm sure there are some more tasks I'll find to do today.

I'm trying to encourage DH to go fishing today, as the forecast is for a high of 83 degrees so it would be a great day to be out in the woods drowning worms in the river. That way I would have the house to myself and the dogs and I could put some music on and dance with wild abandon, lol. And have quiet to do some writing on things that have been put off for way too long.

Anyway, I need to take a short break and turn the kettle on for another cup of tea - be right back!

Ah, now I have a few minutes to write while the kettle heats. I've had two cups of the new Chocolate Raspberry tea and, yumm!, that is so good! Diane did a great job blending her formula for it and I'll definitely be buying more of it in the future. Hmm, what flavor tea to have next, hmm?

I also put the wet clothes in the dryer, hung up the socks on the rack to dry, and put a load of handwash socks in the washing machine with some shampoo, and put water on to boil for breakfast oatmeal. I still don't know if DH is going fishing or not.

One thing I want to get done before noon is to pick up the stitches for the first sleeve on Erin. I've put this off for quite a while and had hoped to have her done to wear on vacation next week when we head south to visit DH's family, but it's not going to happen. I tend to procrastinate when I put deadlines like that on myself and Erin is no exception. My little Oscar dog just came over for some sugar and reminded me that I also would like to give his papa, Duke, a bath today. I think I'm going to have to take him outside and brush him well first, to get some of the VM out of his fur before I get it wet in the tub. His fur is too long now for me to take him in the shower and get him really clean, so it's the tub for him today. Another thing that got put off was giving him a bath and haircut while the weather was hot in August.

I've started the second Bayerische sock and am knitting a few rounds on it each morning and evening. I had blocked myself last summer by thinking that I could enter it in the Oregon State Fair and ignoring the fact that I had picked a very bright colorway with short repeats on a Bavarian twisted stitch sock - not a recipe for success at the the Fair. So I just knit the first sock and put the yarn aside. Now I've given myself permission to not enter the socks in the Fair because of the colorway and stitch issue so I can knit the second sock and just enjoy wearing them as they are. At this point I'm on the third time through the sixteen round charts and need to do four repeats before I start the heel flap, so I'm doing well.

I'm also knitting a pair of Dragon Breath socks, using Three Fates Knitting sock yarn in Lexington Green, a light springy variegated colorway. While the name of the pattern may make one think of reds, oranges, and yellows, the actual knitted first sock looks really good in the light greens as it's the Flame Chevron lace pattern.

So that's what's on the needles and being actively worked on at the moment. This coming weekend is the Fall Board Meeting for the Northwest Regional Spinners Association in Hood River and my alternate Director Betsy and I are going. We will be spending Friday and Saturday nights at another Area Director's house so we don't have to get up obscenely early on Saturday to drive all the way in one day, then come back late Saturday night. Pat has a beautiful house right on the gorge and I am looking forward to getting some pretty pictures, maybe even a nice sunset Saturday night. I still need to write up and email my Area report, as well as my report as 2011 Conference Chair.

Oh, and a report on moving the Association from relying on MS Office to using Open Office, an open source software program that works with MS Office files with no problem. This past summer at Conference we discovered that folks are having a lot of trouble reading each other's files because folks have different versions of Office and the folks are not comfortable enough with the software to save their files in easily transportable formats. Upgrading to the current version of MS Office would cost a couple hundred dollars per person, not something that most of us can afford these days. Open Office is free software, robust and easy to use, with free updates to all. I've got a white paper on migrating from MS Office to Open Office that I will distribute, along with some other documentation from Sun Microsystems that they sent me. And I have some documentation on cloud computing that I will make available for those who are interested. It's current technology and I know some of the older members are not comfortable with lots of change at one time, so I'm not going to emphasize it, but cloud computing is a great thing to learn about and possibly use. I have a subscription to MobileMe, with Apple, so I can send photos and files from my iPhone to the Cloud, so if my iPhone crashes, gets lost, or is stolen, the data is saved. Other types of phones with web access can also make use of the technology, so I want to share the information I have been given on it. When I get home and turn my computer on, the MobileMe software downloads the files I have sent to my notebook computer automatically.

Now it's time to eat breakfast and get some more tasks done, especially writing my reports. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!