Saturday, August 27, 2011

DH's summer socks

DH's summer socks, a photo by BlueDragon2 on Flickr.
First skein of SS11 yarn used!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday sunshine

Morning, friends!

I'm finally getting settled down after the last three weeks of whirl wind activity. A brief summary of the past three weeks, including some fun pics.

First, on Tuesday, July 19th, my Postmaster asked me to set up the event for the first day of sale for the Oregon Flag stamp - on August 11th! Now, usually three weeks and two days would be a comfortable lead time for an event. But factor in that the next week I would be on vacation, at Sock Summit in Portland, the following week I would be training a new windowline clerk, and Headquarters was inviting people without letting me know until a day or two before the event! Get a picture of how my stress level jacked way up?

The first two days I spent dashing between the windowline and the back desk, making phone calls, gathering info and contact names and numbers, and figuring out the best way to set up the event. I'm very fortunate that most of the folks I contacted were very generous of their time and resources and happy to help me with the event. Before I left for vacation that Friday, I had the skeleton of the event set up - date, time, place, guests of honor (or so I thought, see the comment above about HQ and their invites), and brief entertainment. 

I literally ate, slept, and worked this event, dreaming about different things that needed to be done, waking up thinking of things, making notes where ever I went about thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and comments. While on vacation I had a meeting with the Communications person from Portland District HQ to share info and ideas. He really was quite surprised at how fast I was able to get things set up and offered his assistance in any way I needed. He coordinated getting the two framed pieces of art to present to the Oregon Governor (who couldn't attend so the Secretary of State stood in for him and received the other framed art), and the framed print for the unveiling. He also got a nice wooden easel and a drape. I also made and received phone calls on my own phone to keep things moving along.

The person on the left with the pink skein in her hand is me, by the way. My friend LaVelle took this shot but I didn't know until she posted about taking it later.

When I got back from Sock Summit (awesome conference and if you didn't go to it, be sure to put it on your schedule for 2013!), I jumped into training the new windowline clerk. It has been several years since I worked with this clerk, but I was so thankful he understood when I needed to take him off the windowline while I made calls and did work for the event. Fortunately, I have a notebook I keep at my station with info in it and he read parts of that and made copies of info he wanted to have with him, so his time off the line was productive. He's also a very calm person, so I think he'll be able to handle the nasty, rude, selfish customers we get from time to time. He's got the late shift at the station his bid job is at, so he'll be dealing with the last in the door customers and closing the office with the Consolidation clerk. 

His last day with me was this past Monday morning, to make up for missing the first Monday morning while he was in Portland taking his test. Now he's on his own but can call me with any questions or email me.

So down to the stamp event itself - we made the front page of the local paper the next morning! Ah, job well done! The event was scheduled to start at 11 so I got to the Capitol at 9 to help with set up, greet guests and dignitaries, and hand out the programs I had designed. Oh, yes, the husband of one of the women in my knitting group is a fantastic amateur photographer and I had asked him to get a picture of the state flag flying over the Capitol if possible. Turns out that, since our flag is the only state flag with two different sides, when my friend tried to get pictures, the back side design of the state animal the beaver, would show through. So he went on search for a flag hanging in the Capitol building, but all of them were on flag poles, not stretched out for display. A gracious staffer held the flag in the Governor's office out for him to get a picture of the whole flag. He then replaced the background so the flag was shown to best advantage. I used his picture on the front of the program and gave him credit on the back of the program. Lots of positive comments on the picture. 

In addition to the Secretary of State Kate Brown standing in for the Governor, and three aides from US Senators and Representatives, we were greatly honored to have an Elder from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde attend with his daughter. He is also a member of the Kalapuya tribe, the First People in the Willamette Valley, so it was truly special for me. I wasn't sure if there were any descendants left in the area who would be able to attend. Of course the Salem Postmaster was present to lead the program and introduce the honored guests. 

The local Costco Store donated four beautiful cakes and about 10 large bottles of juice, along with the plates, cups, forks, and napkins, and served the cake. I always am very grateful for their participation in our public events, even more so because their cakes are so delicious and the decorations beautiful. 

You can see the photo on the front of the program taken by my friend.

Friday it took me until after lunch before I really woke up, I was so exhausted after the last three weeks and it took me a few days to rest up. Today, Sunday, I actually feel good again, and am planning to go to spinning at the Ike Box. This coming weekend we're heading south for DH's high school reunion, he's been spending a lot of time on Facebook reconnecting with his classmates and telling me stories about his high school years (usually when I'm writing on the computer, lol). 

Friday night I finished my Harvest Dew socks and am looking forward to wearing them this coming weekend. 

Oh, and some pics of my stash from Sock Summit - yumm! I'm looking forward to knitting up the yarns and spinning the fibers I bought, just need to find the perfect project for each of them. 

I set up the photo so you can see the labels in the picture, just click on it and enlarge it. The blue skein second from the left and the Rare Gems skein fourth from the left are for socks for DH. I asked him before I left for SS11 what colors he needed socks in (he matches his socks to his shirt and pants - obsessively!) and he told me brown and medium blue. Last night I wound the blue yarn from Huckleberry Knits and will knit on his socks during our trip next weekend. The yarn and needles are in a bag already, sitting on the dining table ready to go. The other two skeins of STR are collectible colorways for Sock Summit 2011 - Sock Hoppin' and Flash Mobbin', I snagged them right away Thursday night, as they were flying off the racks. The Sanguine Griffin and Three Irish Girls were trophy skeins, brands with lots of chatter in lots of stashes so I wanted to try them out. The little skein with the butterfly on it I gave to a friend who had to leave early and she was thrilled to get it. The roving is my touch of luxury, a 50/50 blend of Merino/Yak for something special for me. I was happily surprised by the price so snagged the hank right away. The skein of Sophie's Toes is Roses and Rain, a special colorway for SS11, and I had pm'd the dyer two weeks before the summit to have her hold a skein for me, which was a great thing because she sold them out in fifteen minutes on Thursday night! The yarn is soft and the colors just draw me in. I also got two books that aren't in the pic - JC Briar's book on charts and Terri Shea's reprint of Annichen Sibbern Bohn on Norwegian knitting designs. I got them both autographed, along with several other books I brought with me. 

Here's a shot just for fun - there was talk on the Sock Summit group on Ravelry about yarnbombing around Portland (for those who are worried, that means attaching pieces of knitting to public objects, like statues, to decorate them and share our love of knitting). As I was heading back to my hotel one afternoon, I caught sight of this pigeon sporting a cowl and couldn't resist catching a shot. Some of my friends who went didn't see this one until I told them about it. I wonder how many I missed around the Convention Center?

So, time to jump in the shower and get dressed, hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Harvest Dew socks finished!

Will wear these next weekend at DH's high school reunion.

Monday, August 01, 2011

SS2011 stash

SS2011 stash by BlueDragon2
SS2011 stash, a photo by BlueDragon2 on Flickr.