Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black Sheep Gathering - oh, my!

Yesterday my DH and I made our annual trek to Eugene, OR, to visit Black Sheep Gathering, possibly one of the largest fiber festivals in the world. It was a warm sunny day, the crowd was happy and cheerful, the vendors were displaying amazingly beautiful items for sale, and we had a great day!

The first and most fun thing is that we bought a very large (relatively speaking) fleece at the Wool Sale. We found a Border Leicester X Corriedale fleece, 9.32 pounds in all, in a dark silver/grey color that we both liked and bought it for the tidy sum of $111.00 and some odd cents. In case some of you are gasping at the price, keep in mind what the price of gas is, and that the shepherd has to pay for land, food, grain, hay, vet bills, shearer charges, several coats each year to protect the fleece as it grows on the sheep, hauling the fleece(s) to BSG, paying to enter them in the competition, and so on. So paying about $12.00 per pound for a beautiful fleece is not out of line at all. I'm thinking DH will have the pleasure of spinning this one up, since I still have to finish the one I bought last year, from the same shepherd and the same breed in white. Although he's still working on a white Corriedale and Tour de Fleece starts this coming Saturday (hear the evil laughter in the background?). So I'll have lots of incentive and have committed to spinning at least an hour a day. With the long holiday weekend coming up, I might just get more than that done this next weekend. So we'll see who ends up actually spinning this new fleece.

The other thing is that, except for a class at Teaselwick Wools on July 2nd and 16th, which I haven't heard of anyone signing up for yet, I'm taking July off from teaching to plan new fall/winter classes, finish class samples, and get some personal knitting caught up, which has been seriously neglected since I started teaching last year. I have two main themes for my teaching this next season - Fair Isle and Aran. Both will start with classes for small projects, and then lead into larger projects with longer series of classes. So keep an eye peeled at Tangled Purls and Teaselwick Wools for these new class series. 

Some of my other purchases yesterday included two skeins of sock yarn from BMFA in Socks That Rock Lightweight - L.L. Cool Sock 
for me, of course! I had seen this colorway on the Blue Moon site and on Ravelry project pages but when I saw it in real life I really liked it, and it obligingly jumped into my hand and nestled there.

I also bought Mango Tango, which isn't quite as neon as my camera makes it look.

Then my DH picked out a skein of yarn for socks for himself. He always picks colors that go with items in his wardrobe and this time was no exception. I just hope I don't die of boredom knitting these up for him, lol.
He was thinking of two different pairs of shorts and three shirts when he picked this skein of Bag Lady.

Since he got the fleece, I picked out some roving for myself to have in the stash. Mountain Colors !00% Targhee in Spring Eclipse colorway.
This morning I plied the Black Trillium roving I had gotten on the Knittin' the Rails yarn crawl last month, so after I get some of the white fleece spun up, I have more colored roving to use for an eye candy break! Too much white wool can damage one's eyes so they can't appreciate pretty colors, you know, so I have this on hand to care for my eyes while spinning the white Border Leicester from last year.

I also bought two bars of Fogwash soap, made in Yachats, OR. I love their soaps and would use them all the time if I could afford it! I got the new Citrus Sea and Amber Waves - I love them and DH doesn't, so guess who gets them all to herself?

We had BBQ Chicken quarters for lunch (yumm, chipotle in the bbq sauce!) and then went to the spinning circle for a while. They set up a large tent outside this year and both the inside and outside spinning circles were full - how cool is that?! I dashed off twice, once to find some stick shuttles for a friend who couldn't come down (found a vendor who will email her to make her the ones she wants in her choice of wood and finish), and once to get a package of alpaca roving for a prize in the BSG Bingo drawing. I didn't win anything in the drawing, but Janel Laidman, Beebonnet on Ravelry, won a skein of my friend Stephania's Three Fates Yarns sock yarn. Which is doubly cool because besides being a wonderful person, Janel designs and sells sock patterns, so now she can try out Steph's yarn for a pattern! 

There was one sad point in the day - someone lost her beautiful Lendrum wheel when someone picked it up and walked off with it. It's not likely to be a mistake, because the bag it was in is a custom fabric one, with specially selected fabric. A man started passing a can around at the drawing to gather money to hopefully replace her wheel, as at that point it had been missing for several hours and was presumed stolen. If the wheel turns up, or they don't get enough to buy a replacement wheel, they will still give her the money to go towards either spinning supplies or a new wheel, whichever is appropriate. I gave the woman a big hug, because she was crying so hard about losing her beautiful wheel. I couldn't help putting myself in her place - I've been going to BSG for a good long time (don't ask!) and never gave a thought about putting my wheel and supplies in the spinning circle and going off to shop or use the restroom. You can bet a lot of us won't be so casual after this.

Anyway, DH has left to go fishing and I'm going to get busy and meet friends for some local spinning time. Take care and have a great Sunday!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BFF socks by Cookie A

BFF socks by Cookie A by BlueDragon2
BFF socks by Cookie A, a photo by BlueDragon2 on Flickr.

Finished at knit night!